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Arctic Fox Chapter 5

Arctic Fox

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5 Artie

There’d been no chance to escape the vampire. He’d bitten her and drank from her just before the carriage stopped. 

The euphoria made her feel ashamed and guilty. He was stealing her life’s blood and taking the magic that Duncan had given her. 

He carried her from the carriage laughing at his seeming easy conquest, but she wouldn’t give in to him. Whatever he took from her would be without her consent. 

At least she’d know in her mind that he was all a lie and a deception with his evil allure. She wanted her fox king. 

Duncan was what she needed. He was everything.

The vampire deposited her deliriously onto a bed and left the room. The door locked from the outside, and she was effectively caged. 

The struggle in the carriage had left her beaten, cut, and bruised. If she ever got out of the situation she found herself in and made her way back to Duncan, she’d stick to him like glue. 

Maybe she would just let him be stuck in her, and that way she wouldn’t be parted from him. 

She sighed. Nothing about her situation was amusing, yet her mind must be a bit broken. 

Maybe she was too weak without her fox king. He said she had to eat and sleep to heal if she got hurt. 

She hadn’t slept in days for fear that she’d be taken advantage of, and the vampire seemed to forget that she needed food.

She growled low at the thought of Damon Markucio. He was a rogue vampire afflicted with bloodlust. He talked far too much about himself. 

He’d learned that if he drank from immortals, he gained strength, and that added to his magical ability. 

Artie wished he would drink from a tainted immortal and lose his abilities. If he could be left to the dawn, the dream would be better served.

At some point, she fell asleep. Even as a shifter, she did have to sleep. When she woke again, there were biscuits in the room and a pitcher of water. 

She wondered if the servants had taken pity on her. She somehow doubted that the stuffed shirt blowhard Damon Markucio cared enough to realize that she should eat. 

She felt better after eating. Biscuits weren’t as good as the meals that Duncan had made sure they shared. At least her strength to resist the fool vampire seemed to have increased. 

Artie idly wondered if that was part of his plan. The last thing she wanted was anything from him. He was determined to drink from her again. 

Next time, she’d be ready. He wouldn’t be getting any more of her blood or the magic that Duncan had given her if she could help it.

It wasn’t long before he appeared at the doorway. She guessed it was near dawn. The asshole was grinning as if he thought it would be easy. 

Artie had no desire to make it easy. She had no real chance of escaping him, but she wasn’t giving up without a fight. She struggled valiantly. 

Her fangs sank into him, ripping and tearing at his arms. She knew that caused him an issue. He was bandaged from the last time. He was slow to heal from her bite.

He was angry and seized her tightly, shaking her so hard that her teeth rattled. She saw stars before she felt the euphoria again. 

He’d bitten her and was drinking from her again. She couldn’t find the strength to resist as his venom raced through her veins. 

She was disgusted and ashamed. If she couldn’t get away, she would rather die than just be a meal for Markucio.

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