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Arctic Fox Chapter 2

Arctic Fox by Ophelia Kee

Arctic Fox Ch 2 Cover

2 Fox

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He shouldn’t have turned her. It was a bad idea. Letting her die was simply not an option. He had made her swear that stupid oath just to save her from the shifter magic, but he shouldn’t have done that either. 

It was just not right to claim your mate as a sex slave. He was too stupid not to have seen the truth before.

He looked around the empty room. Maybe keeping her as practically a prisoner wasn’t a great idea either. He was just so afraid of losing her. 

What he’d done was drive Artie to seek a way to escape him. The empty rooms were surely proof of that. He’d left her at the inn while he readied the horses. 

It was early in the morning. Leaving before dawn was necessary if they were to get anywhere farther along. Only, that was no longer important.

The information he’d found about dragons was leading him back to an abandoned castle in Ireland. He wanted to investigate the ruined tower at Lachsmead. 

Artie was supposed to have waited for him. They’d been traveling together very slowly for nearly two weeks. 

Nothing was better to him than her smile. She hadn’t been happy. The smile must have been faked.

He looked around the empty rooms. He wanted to cry. Grown men just didn’t do that. He was a king. 

Her leaving was treason. That only made the pain in his chest worse. 

She’d lied to him. He’d been manipulated and played.

He blinked back his tears and sat down on the edge of the chair. If Artie wanted her freedom, he needed to let her go. What kind of man forced a woman who truly didn’t want him? 

He wasn’t that kind of man, was he? He’d never been that before. No woman wanted a man like that.

He didn’t have a den. It wasn’t that he couldn’t provide one. Rather, it was because he wanted to find out about the dragons. 

She was a fox. She would expect a proper den. He should have thought of that. 

He needed to care for her better. Only it was too late. 

He’d let his dick decide his next move for the last couple of weeks. That was the stupidest move of all on his part.

He breathed. That was hard. His chest felt too tight. He needed Artie. 

Why had she not just told him what she needed, what she wanted? If she’d told him she wanted a den, he would’ve gifted her the grandest home ever anywhere she wanted. Instead, she just ran away in the night.

It wasn’t the den. It was him. She didn’t want to be his slave. She should’ve been a queen. 

He’d tried to explain, but she was so sexy. That had been the wrong thing to do. She just kissed him and said it didn’t matter so long as she had him. 

Had she lied? She must have. She must have wanted someone else. A different man. 

One that was better, wealthier, sexier. Maybe a man who didn’t chase nonexistent dragons and mythical and legendary immortal creatures. 

When he was inside her, breathing snow on the pines, Fox had no idea if the world still existed. How would he know if she was lying? 

Maybe she’d just played him for a fool until she had her chance to make him look like one. What if she hadn’t been lying?

His heart ached. His body hurt. He wanted to cry. He was afraid. 

Fox blinked. He wasn’t afraid. He frowned. 

He’d ensorcelled the bracelet Artie wore. He could feel her. She was afraid. 

The little white drape in his mind was leaking fear and panic. Why? 

Should she not be elated that he’d been such a fool for her, and she’d gotten away? She had to know he wouldn’t chase her. It was bad enough that she’d played him. 

She didn’t feel elated. The drape shimmered as if in a wind in his mind. It wasn’t as intense as the link or the bond he wanted with her, but he’d forced too much on her already. He wanted her consent for the rest.

He looked over the room. Her clothes were still there. The soaps and dresses, the nightclothes and stockings, even her sturdy shoes were still there. 

He’d paid to stay the week to avoid her getting too saddlesore. She’d only recently learned to ride the horse he’d bought for her.

Did she leave without taking her shoes? Really? Not wanting to be weighed down made sense. She was fleeing him after all. 

Leaving the shoes behind made no sense. She couldn’t have hoped to get far without good shoes. 

He felt her pain then. His face echoed the pain in hers. Had she fallen in her haste to get away from him? 

He rubbed his jaw absently. It felt as if he had been punched in the face. Had someone punched Artie? Was she in trouble? 

Even if she didn’t want him and chose to leave him, he couldn’t let her get hurt. He’d sworn an oath of protection to her in exchange for her service. 

He was still Druid even if he had no throne. The oath was binding. 

He gathered up her things and bagged his things haphazardly. He was in a hurry. The horses had been readied. 

He needed to leave, to follow her. He needed to see her, to hear her tell him that she no longer wanted him and that she’d found someone else.

He made his way down the stairs two at a time. He had settled his bill already. He walked out to the stableyard and loaded Artie’s mare with their bags. 

He checked to see that his sword was loose in its scabbard and mounted his horse. He set off in the direction that the link said led to Artie. Her horse followed behind on the lead. 

Fox went after everything because even if she hated him, even if he’d failed to measure up as a mate, even if she rejected him entirely, he had to protect her. 

He’d been a king. He’d sworn his oath. No matter what kind of man she thought he was, he was no oath breaker. 

When she slipped into an unconscious state and he couldn’t feel her, he stopped, fed, watered the horses, and waited until he could feel her in the link with her bracelet again. Not knowing her location angered him. 

The fox inside was running circles in irritation. Duncan O’Sullivan wanted his mate back.

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