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Arctic Fox and Druid Fox Character Introduction

Arctic Fox and Druid Fox Character Introduction

Arctic and Druid Fox covers

Meet the main characters from the short story Arctic Fox and the novel Druid Fox in the Draoithe Saga by Ophelia Kee.

Artie, is a true submissive shifter. The love of her life saved her by turning her, then claiming her as his body servant. She needs him as the king he really is, but he always worries he has somehow forced the one woman he needs more than his life into an unacceptable arrangement. She will go to great lengths to convince her Druid king he is her everything.

Arturista Jonsdottir

AKA: Artie

Smells like: snow in the pines

Expense Accountant for Draoithe

Mate: Fox

Platinum blonde hair

Grey eyes

5’0” tall

100 lbs

410? Years old

White Witch and fox shifter - submissive


Artie loves Fox. She learned the light magic to be a white witch and was gifted with telekinesis. Fox is driven crazy with her chaos, because she jumps from one task to another without finishing it. She leans on his strength and survives entirely because of his love. He is her dark king.

Fox, or Duncan O’Sullivan, was born as a fox shifter and Druid king. He controls Netherworld magic in the Leaindeail. Old, powerful, and intelligent, Fox seeks refuge with the Druid pack after rescuing a friend from a man named Peter Elliot. He has his own hangups and issues, but he’s one of the good guys.

Duncan O’Sullivan

AKA: Fox

Smells like: Ink on parchment

Head of Intelligence part of the Inner Triangle of leadership at Draoithe

Mate: Artie

Reddish brown hair

Aquamarine eyes

5‘9“ tall

160 lbs

527 years old

Druid Ruiri fox shifter - Alpha


Fox is madly in love with his body servant, Artie. He will do anything to keep her, including giving away the secrets of the magic he wields. His queen has his heart and loves him for the king he really is.

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