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Wendigo Research Video



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This video results from research into the Wendigo legend involved in the writing of the Kings Wilde miniseries (Coming Soon!) by Ophelia Kee.

Writing Urban Fantasy is harder than it looks. Blending elements of actual legends and myths into the weaving of a paranormal romance character is challenging, and it all begins with the research.

The dream was crafted to offer elements of folktales and not-so-common belief systems in a world eerily similar to our own. Kings Wilde is a work-in-progress miniseries and one of the main characters is a wendigo. Don't hold your breath on it. I take forever writing the miniseries, and y'all know I can't publish any of it until the whole thing is done.

When Nick Wilde started talking in my head, I began researching what he was. He side-eyed me when I asked him and continued rambling about some flaming horse he was mad to win. My job wasn't to ask him questions he didn't want to answer. I was supposed to just write his story so he could finally convince his librarian to mate with him. Check out the research video.

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