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Vampire Knight Character Introduction

Andrei Alexandrescu

Andrei Alexandrescu is a vampire knight with a secret. He is creati, an unbound dragon man with the magic of vampire royalty. Since the breaking, creati men have been outlawed and hunted into extinction. He serves his princess as her personal guard, but unlike other promiscuous vampires, he refuses the sex play. When the evil minions of Peter Elliot destroy the enclave, he saves his princess and escapes to Draoithe.

Andrei Alexandrescu

AKA: Fangs

Smells like: cool rain in moonlight

IT specialist Of Draoithe

Mate: Nadine

Black hair

Blue eyes

5‘9“ tall

150 lbs

227 years old

Vampire- zduhaci unbound

Arriving at Draoithe, Andrei meets an eagle shifter. Her company is more than he wanted from any woman in over two hundred years, but he has no home, no employment, no position in any society, and when his Princess releases him from her service, he must await the pack’s decision to allow him to join and serve the kingdom. The Philippine eagle shifter learns they have a lot in common. But when a panther nearly kills a man, Andrei must save him by turning him into creati. Can he prove himself to Nadine and win an eagle, or will revealing his magic lead to his end?

Nadine Cruz

Nadine Cruz had to get out of Seattle before her stalkers caught her slipping. Her lifelong fight against insomnia was bound to cause her to make a mistake. When she heard of Draoithe, she fled to Tyler, Texas, to seek refuge with a small band of immortals at a place called Draoithe. Her computer skills offered her a niche within the group, but it was the quiet, handsome vampire who stole her heart.

Nadine Cruz

AKA: Nadine

Smells like: lavender and chamomile

IT Specialist Of Draoithe

Mate: Andrei

Brown hair

Golden eyes

5‘4“ tall

135 lbs

38 years old

Vjestice/Philippine eagle shifter

Nadine Cruz is an IT specialist who strikes up a conversation with a vampire who is also well-versed in computers and information systems. They work well together and one thing leads to another, as the story goes. Magic calls to Magic at Draoithe.

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