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Synner & Sainte Meet the Cast

Amelia SainteSynner & Sainte Meet the Cast

Character Introduction

Amelia Sainte

Amelia Sainte in 1525. She's an Irish hedgewitch living in a remote area of Northern Europe with her son, Markus Sainte. The baby daddy? He skipped town, but she has plans for Daniel Leiriu.

It doesn't matter how long it takes, how much errant magic she has to use, or how many favors she has to call in. The fallen prince of the House of Leiriu will claim his vixen and acknowledge his half-devil, half-Druid son, as the rightful heir to the Dorchan throne. No one argues with a hedgewitch mother and survives without being cursed for eternity.

Daniel Leiriu is no exception, and Markus Sainte will rule all the devils in the dream. If Lucifer thinks he can write his blood vengeance spell and sit back and wait, he's got a serious surprise in store when he returns from the void and lands at Blar Elding. Markus Sainte is holding all the winning cards, just the way his mother wanted, including the reincarnated soul of Lucifer's chosen vixen as a part of the harem.

The House of Leiriu seems doomed as the House of Sainte usurps power over all the devils in the dream. Will there be anything left of the Unlikely Kings prophecy when Amelia Sainte gets through manipulating it? etc.

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