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Meet the Characters from Lost One

Lost One Book Cover

Meet the Characters from Lost One

Zaldivar Oakwood

Zaldivar Oakwood is a friend of Zanzar Ironwood. They both want a future in which the Forest Lords don't simply fade into legend. Zanzar consults a white witch and chases an opportunity in Chicago by becoming one of the godless dark, while Zaldivar organizes what remains of the Woodsmen and forms a loose council. The nine are ready when the White Buffalo Woman offers them a chance to claim woodwives. But what Zaldivar finds when he and the Forest Lord Council arrive in Draoithe to form a tentative alliance isn't what he expected. Still, the Velosian has anxiety about claiming a Lost One, until he sees Leah Wolf.

Leah Wolf

Leah Wolf wants only to be left alone to die. What she suffered in Peter Elliot's harem is too much to think about, much less overcome. With her arrival at Draoithe, she escaped the harem, but her wish to fade only increased. She shouldn't be a wolf shifter, and she shouldn't be without the bear, even if she never wanted him. But everything changed when the tree man arrived. Something about him spoke to the wolf, and only he mattered. The past faded like a distant memory as a Forest Lord's magic reached out to rescue a Lost One.

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