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Lost Ones Story Description

Lost One Book Cover

Lost Ones Story Description

Lost One

Gods of the Dream Volume 1

An unlikely union forged against all odds

Peter Elliot no longer exists, but the job isn't over. The fallout after removing Elliot from the dream reveals itself as the Unlikely Kings' magic plays out. The slaves in Elliot’s harem have moved to Draoithe for healing. Only nothing works. Watching his tiger suffer over their sad situation causes the Dire Wolf King to reach out beyond his borders for help.

The King of the Dream proposes an odd solution, and the Gods of the Dream Miniseries begin with the tale of Zaldivar Oakwood and Leah Wolf. She's a slowly fading, tainted wolf shifter, a Lost One. He's a dying Woodsman in need of a woodwife and helps to save what’s left of a once proud lineage of lesser gods. Can the greatest mismatch in the dream save them both?

Lost One is an urban fantasy with paranormal romance and part of an epilogue miniseries for the Draoithe Saga. If shifter magic, immortal problems, and doomed lesser gods piques your curiosity, then you'll love Ophelia Kee's Lost One.

It’s more than a story; it’s an experience. Welcome to the dream…

Urban Fantasy with Steamy Paranormal Romance Fated Mates 18+ HEA! NC!

***Warning: Adult Themes, Fantasy Violence, and/or Explicit Sexual Situations. Intended for a Mature Audience.

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