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Little Red Riding Hood Researched by Ophelia Kee

Little Red Riding Hood Researched by Ophelia Kee

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Research into the original Little Red Riding Hood stories for a novel project in the Draoithe Saga by Ophelia Kee produced interesting results and the summary sparked the creation of a research video based on those results. Writing steamy paranormal romance set in an urban fantasy setting isn't easy and often involves hours of behind-the-scenes research for the author to craft believable characters. It's always fiction, but even make-believe needs inspiration.

Steamy hot, wickedly delicious paranormal romance and urban fantasy stories set in a dream to live for. Those who come to Draoithe aid in the fight to restore the magical balance of the dream, one couple at a time. Grab a good drink, curl up in a good seat, choose a book from the Saga, and escape into the dream while you meet the men and women who call it home. A place where myths, legends, and fairytales walk unmolested among the strange and wonderful, where the balance is often found in a lifemate, and where the magic from the past lives again! Welcome to the dream...

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