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Grim Dark Character Introduction

Grim Dark Character Introduction

Grim Dark Cover Art

Lyella Grisham was a telepathic woman whose spirit gift was valuable enough for her parents to sell her into slavery.

To save the ones she loved, she willingly sacrificed herself, but finding the mind of a handsome gryphon in the dream saw her wounded in her escape from bondage.

Her story began in the heart of a gryphon knight with a quest to find love. If she could claim him, the safety to learn to use the ghost magic she was born to command might finally be hers.

Lyella Grisham

Sinclair Gautier was a gryphon knight. Slain defending the gryphon castle, he fought Bushyasta’s evil slug minions on the battlefield to protect his home, and lost.

As the immortal gryphon stood upon the banks of the River Styx with his coins in hand to pay the Ferryman, he mourned the life he left behind, and the mate he’d never met. He refused to die without finding love. He lived as a gryphon knight, but his story began when he drew his sword to fight the Reaper, beaten and battered, in open rebellion against his fate.

Sinclair Gautier

To repay the debts they owe, the gryphon pair accepted orders from elvish lords, learned about a dangerous prophecy to restore the Angel of Death and the King of Devils to the dream, and chased the last Vampire King to aid him in completing a magic spell designed to capture one mad bear.

If they fail, it means the end. If they succeed, does it mean forever? Welcome to the dream…

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