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Ghostly Kingdom - Story Description

Ghostly Kingdom Book Cover

Ghostly Kingdom - Story Description

Cover Art by Ophelia Kee

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Ghostly Kingdom

Lyons Gate 

Volume 3

Living the Potential Forever

Soraya Heffernon lived through her harrowing ordeal thanks to Lazlo’s magic. She escaped the clutches of Peter Elliot with some help from the Druid pack and their allies, but her position at Draoithe was tenuous as she considered how to find her lover. When the Tiger queen of Draoithe learns of her connection to Lazlo Greyson, Soraya must make a choice which will forever change her life.

Believing Soraya had left him, Lazlo Greyson wallowed not only in the problems related to his loneliness but also suffered an additional issue, having unknowingly used arcane magic with her. A booze filled weekend saw his life spinning out of control and sent Lazlo looking for an escape. What he found was a hidden world filled with magic and beings most believed existed only in fairy tales.

The Tiger Queen of the Druid pack demanded a high price for his salvation, but Lazlo realizes the people of Draoithe have something he’s desperately sought his entire life. They have the answers to his questions, and Lazlo wants in on a mission to ruin his nemesis, Peter Elliot. Only Lazlo wasn’t expecting to come face to face with the slave woman who ruined his life as part of Eli’s demands.

Ghostly Kingdom is the third volume in the dark urban fantasy miniseries, Lyons Gate. Set in the dream, this spinoff story from the Draoithe Saga tells the tale of a twisted druid king and his chance encounter with a little demon. Powerful magical forces and an ancient unknown prophecy conspire to grant a lonely man’s desire and an orphan girl’s hope. Or does it?

It’s not simply a story; it’s an experience. Welcome to the dream…

Dark Urban Fantasy with Steamy Paranormal Romance Fated Mates 18+ HEA! NC!

***Warning: Adult Themes, Fantasy Violence, and/or Explicit Sexual Situations. Intended for a Mature Audience.

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