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The Last Day of May - May 31, 2024

A woman and a dragon

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The Last Day of May - May 31, 2024

Dear Reader,

It's the last day of May. School is over, and the summer awaits. The dragon has spoken. It's time to make an announcement. Paperbacks are coming to

The copies direct from the source must be special, so signed copies it is. I'm currently limited to the US market only because of shipping issues, but if Bookvault and Payhip get together on an integration for print on demand, things will change. Still, I wanted to offer the print option alongside the serial, audiobook, and ebook formats.

I'm looking into book bundles as well. I'm excited to offer my readers more options. So, look for the changes coming to this summer.

Behind the Scenes with the Miniseries

Kindom Risisng Miniseries Cover

I've been hard at work editing stories and posting chapters to multiple miniseries. So how is that going?

Kingdom Rising is complete, but I have added an extra video. I enjoy creating the video. Sometimes it feels easier than writing or editing. While this miniseries story is done. I do occasionally post something new there.

Royal Council has also finished posting new chapters, and that means it is now available to binge read straight through rather than a couple of chapters at a time. And while I have posted nothing extra to it in a while, don't count it out as I'm creating quote videos. As per usual, the muse doesn't do things in order. I often wonder if the chaos magic loose in the dream affects my muse more than anyone else.

Valkyrie Riders Miniseries Cover

Valkyrie Riders is currently publishing all the stories in the grey dragons' tales. It has currently published all chapters for Quest for the Valkyries, Raven's Rescue, and Lord of Dragons. Nephilim's Claim will begin publishing chapters shortly.

Lyons Gate is currently posting new chapters in the spinoff miniseries about Eli Miller's ghostly outpost kingdom in Chicago. The Druid pack is closing in on Peter Elliot. Taking him out of the dream and correcting the balance of magic happens in Chicago. Ghostly kingdom will post chapters next, but Druid Ancestry, Ruined Lion, and the extra short story A conversation With Dragons are already available with more extras coming soon!

Mystic Dark Miniseries cover

Mystic Dark has paused publishing new chapters while the current stories go to formatting to post for sale on the retailers. I got ahead of myself. It was all wrapped up in the exclusive debacle that happened last year in October. Never again. I promise, but now I need to get these stories in print. The Mystic Dark Prequel Trilogy - Haunted Echoes, Ruined Hearts, and Shattered Souls - is complete and has all published as books. Grim Dark has posted and awaits its July 3rd preorder launch date. Kiss Dark has posted and is going on preorder soon, with a launch date of August 14, 2024. I hope to post new chapters of Lunar Dark by the end of June.

Apocalypse Denied has posted all chapters for Synner & Sainte. I'm posting chapters of Devil's Sins and all the extras. This miniseries, composed of longer novels, takes longer to edit and publish the complete stories than some of the novella length tales in other miniseries. So bear with me.

Sneak Peek at Devil's Sins

Devil's Sins Book Cover


This is a work in progress and

is subject to change at any time.

Read at Your Own Risk!

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All Rights Reserved.

Devil's Sins

Until It Wasn't

Drake, Friday, September 2, 2016

Everything was ready. They waited for the devil to resurface. Zephyra knew he went underground to get away from the light. He couldn’t stay there forever. He’d have to seek food at some point. Even devils had to eat.

Days crept by. The team waited, prepared. There was no sign of Daniel Leiriu. The need for patience grated on Drake’s nerves and turned his thoughts to his newfound home.

Amrita improved more quickly at Draoithe than she would have in the Domhain. Jewel had taught Julian about his magic, and they’d helped her heal much more rapidly.

Fury wanted his little sister to attend his wedding. Sky had finally realized why her mate was so upset about Amrita. Had they taken Sky, Fury feared she’d have suffered the same damage Amrita had barely survived.

Drake had manned the mission to rescue Fury, only to find the man lost to the destructive force he was. Leviathan had found the red dragon and had him swear fealty as the king of dragons at Eadriachtanas. The two of them had laid waste to half of the underground bunker before Drake arrived.

But it was Amrita who broke the dragon’s heart. Ruined and dying, Fury couldn’t let her go. He bled for her.

Drake understood. The wargs had transported some who had become grotesque, straight to Tnuthduil and Asmodeus for help. The acid-damaged humans went to Draoithe.

Sky had been the one to offer to teach Amrita the white cane afterward. When she understood what Fury had done and how he viewed Amrita, she decided if Fury had a little sister, then Sky wanted her as part of the family.

The most ridiculous part was the gifts Leviathan sent to the woman he viewed as a ‘the lesser Cerie’. Exotic plants which had unique scents, music boxes, a rug from some animal hide softer than mink or chinchilla. He sent things he thought a blind woman would enjoy. All because Fury was his dragon king. Never mind, Fury could never live at Eadriachtanas. Whether Fury’s title was honorary, it didn’t matter to the Demon Lord.

Fury, Wade, or Simon reported to him on her health damn near every day. The demon lord was crazy and vindictive. He wanted the devil responsible for it all. He wanted blood. Leviathan was the master of Envy, the blood magic of the Netherworld after all.

Fury had given him a lot of blood in that bunker. It wasn’t enough. It would never be enough, not for an addict and not to erase what had happened in that bunker, either.

Drake had wanted the blood of Leiriu for centuries, as much as Leviathan wanted it when he learned Leiriu was the reason Dross hid Cerie in the Tower of Light. He was happy the end would happen soon.

A few days before Amrita was to be released from the infirmary, Zephyra finally located the devil. Daniel Leiriu appeared in the Leaindeail and came out of hiding. The team didn’t hesitate to move into position.

Julian opened a portal, and the elvish host crept through, followed by the six-man team. Drake and Lorelai manned the mission. Dross would finally use the weapon as he had originally intended, fulfilling its purpose for which they had crafted him.

They’d marked the place that Zephyra noted on maps for Fox before they left. They were sure that he’d emerged from caves about a hundred and seventy miles south of Dallas. It was a little before midnight.

He’d emerged just after nightfall. There was no moon. He probably needed food. He was likely intent on returning before daybreak if he was going to return. If they weren’t back at Draoithe by daybreak, more dragons would follow them.

They gambled on Leiriu returning that night. The elvish host took up positions hiding as they readied their instruments. Dross and Emily took cover on one side of the cave entrance. Zephyra and Julian were on the other.

Drake and Lorelai were just inside, blended into the dark at midnight. Once he passed the perimeter of elves and drew close to the cave entrance, the elves would play and close in on the devil, like a crazy marching band.

Dross and Emily were going to weave magic into the sound to hold the devil. Drake was going to link with Lorelai and hold the Chaos magic long enough to pass a sentence on the devil in the presence of the Amazon royalty and the two rogue kings of Draoithe.

Drake hoped it worked. Dross had never been happier. His self-appointed mission would finally finish. The dream would have one less devil. Drake would have served as he should have centuries ago.

They waited. Zephyra faded partly into the dream and sought the echo of the magic that was chaos. She smiled when she located it.

“He’s coming back. Get ready!”

She whisper-yelled to the elves just before Drake’s sharp eyes made out the devil’s outline in the dark. The orchestra played. Leiriu took faltering steps, trying to reach the cave, then finally stopped walking.

The devil stood completely motionless, listening intently. It was as Zephyra had described it. The devil seemed enchanted by a beautiful sound.

Dross grasped Emily’s hand, and the two of them rose and moved. Dross spoke the spell into the music, and it became a song when Emily added her voice to his chanted spell.

Leiriu looked directly at Dross. He let the backpack he held fall to the ground. A red apple rolled away, having spilled out onto the ground. Then Daniel Leiriu knelt before the wizard.

They surrounded the devil. The music and Dross’s spell held him. Drake stepped toward the devil and laid the one accusation he truly could at Leiriu’s feet. He took the man’s magic from him.

The chaos was oily black and slithered around, difficult to control. Lorelai allowed her warrior to draw from the well of her strength, and together they held chaos, the most powerful, destructive magic in the dream.

“Daniel Leiriu, I accuse you of breaking Airlea’s Law. You violate the ancient treaty between the devils of the Dorcha and the Amazons.”

Leiriu whispered only one word.


The ghost of a smile traced his lips. Drake frowned. The devil he and Dross had been fighting for centuries wanted to be caught. Why?

The end had come for him. Did it matter if Leiriu wanted that end?

Drake raised his sword, ready to announce the sentence and carry out the punishment. There was no question about Leiriu’s end. It didn’t seem necessary to pronounce the sentence. Leiriu’s guilt in the mattered was unquestionable. Dross had designed Drake to fulfill the role of the man’s executioner.

It had been a perfectly orchestrated takedown. Until it wasn’t.

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That's all the news I have from the dream at the moment. I must get back to editing. May you have a lovely weekend. I leave you as always with the heartfelt plea to leave your kind reviews when you read, and as always, know you are welcome to the dream...

Be Careful!

Happy Reading,

Ophelia Kee

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