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Shattered Souls and the Prequel Trilogy has Completed - May 24, 2024

Shattered Souls Book Stack

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Shattered Souls and the Prequel Trilogy has Completed May 24, 2024

Dear Reader,

I guess the title gave it away. The last novella in the Mystic Dark Prequel Trilogy, Shattered Souls, launched on all the retailers on Wednesday. I hope you got your copy and are deep inside the dream in Elburn Forest near Chicago, Illinois. This adventure ghost romance was fun to write and seriously took my mind off the blunder of locking Grim Dark into an exclusive commitment. I promise never to do that again.

Some readers, like me, love the deal with a book bundle or a box set, so I intend to learn how to create book bundles this summer. Once I have the logistics worked out, I intend to run some ads and see what happens. I'll let you guys know if that experience works better than crafting the complete box set like the one I did for Kingdom Rising.

I want to try it with the trilogy first. Three small files for three novellas feel easier to work with than the longer miniseries. I need time to figure out how to ensure Bookfunnel delivers all the books when someone purchases a bundle. I also want to try allowing readers to purchase the ebook and have the option to add the audiobook at a discount and get both in one transaction. That might be trickier.

What's Coming Next?

Devil's Sins book cover

Currently Publishing:

Devil's Sins is currently in edits. It should begin posting chapters to Apocalypse Denied by the end of the month. It would have been sooner, but a bout of pneumonia kind of got in my way.

Ghostly Kingdom is also in edits and should post chapters to Lyons Gate by the end of the month as well. This story will wrap up quickly and should post as a preorder by the end of July.

Nephilim's Claim has entered edits and will begin posting chapters to Valkyrie Riders by the end of May.

Raven's Rescue and Ruined Lion both launch in June on all the retailers.

Stained Ink Book Cover

Waited in the Wings Long Enough:

I have a new flash fiction piece I've published exclusively to Stained Ink sat in my doc's files for over three years collecting dust. I always believed the scene might fit somewhere within the pages of another tale, but alas, I despair of it. This is one of those short tales I thought I'd published long ago only to discover I never got around to it. So, finally. Did you want a sneak peek?

Excerpt from

Stained Ink


Ophelia Kee

Meet Megan and Alex

Megan, the vampire

Megan is a nurse and a vampire. She's in a long-term platonic relationship with a man when she discovers a letter and questions her situation. Could Alex be more than simply her best friend?

Alex, bear shifter

Alex is a hot young lawyer who found his everything in a vampire who can't see him as anything but a friend. Explaining things to her might take eternity, but he's prepared to wait. When the dream tilts and her world becomes precarious, he eases her distress.

Stained Ink


The letter lay open for her to see. Her closest friend intended to leave. Alex had found a position in the career he’d earned his degrees in.

They’d been roommates throughout college. For years, they’d struggled together in search of their respective right paths, the better jobs, and the lives they’d dreamed of. Living in the Domhain as hidden immortals wasn't easy.

She'd landed the perfect job as the nurse in a local hospital. He'd been searching for a better position in a law firm.

She’d finally found someone who understood her. Hadn't she?

Continue Reading Stained Ink.

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Alright, I need to get to work. I hope you enjoy your weekend and it includes a good book. As always, I leave you with the heartfelt plea to be kind when you read and leave your honest reviews and know you are always welcome to the dream...

Be Careful!

Happy Reading,

Ophelia Kee

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