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July 1, 2022 Milestones


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Celtic Holidays

Dear Reader,

It's halfway through the year. It feels like the appropriate time to pause and reflect on the year's accomplishments before I pick up my pack, plant my walking stick, and take the next step into the future.

In the first half of this year, I started my Payhip as my website adventure. I currently have 69 titles published with exclusives and boxed sets. Apocalypse Averted Miniseries is now complete. (The Boxed Set is coming soon!) The Draoithe Saga has a fantastic new home and is still publishing.

This past Saturday, had over 1000 visitors to the site. Thanks to all who are looking in the store window! The latest Video Exclusive has had 500+ views and counting! The subscriber list numbers on YouTube and for the Newsletter are slowly inching up. The following on Twitter is over 7000. Thanks, everyone! I'm humbled and honored that you would read my stories and enjoy the fantasy.

I'm currently working on a story that connects Tantalu with Eyrie Iolair. The day job is real so I'm shooting for being able to publish by the end of the year, but at only 16,000+ words it might be early 2023 before I can manage it. Cross your fingers and wish me luck and look for Scimitar Warrior as a Wanna Read Serial later!



I dabbled in pay-per-click ads and chose against Facebook for the moment. I'm experimenting with paid Newsletters without much luck, but to be honest, money is always a factor.

I purchased some character art and began the divide-and-conquer journey to make some of the longer volumes a bit more manageable. I have made it to Dream Therapy and along with Filth and Death, the breakdown may well turn into five stories.

I'm forging on with serial publishing on my website, Radish, and The Website serials include Wanna Reads, which are Works-in-Progress deleted after the book is published. Free books are serialized regularly so if you need a quick dream fix, check this out.

Shameless Self Promotion

Fire Incarnate bookcover

Fire Incarnate

When the bear Spark has been waiting for begins visiting her dreams, she knows that the prophecy she saw with her sister was about to come true. If she can claim him, then her stay at Draoithe will be worth all that she and her sisters lost in San Antonio. 

Scar is a bear and a dreamwalker. He has a mission to complete for Fox before he can seek his mate in the woman known as Spark. He comes bearing a gift for the grey dragons and finds that his soon-to-be mate is friends with an unmated gryphon.

Scar isn’t afraid to play with fire, but when things go wrong, will he lose the most dangerous elemental or will he swallow his pride and befriend the gryphon he’s jealous of to save the only woman he’d ever wanted?

Steamy Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy 18+ HEA! NC! Fated Mates

***Warning: Adult Themes, Fantasy Violence, and/or Explicit Sexual Situations. Intended for a Mature Audience.

This is part one of Fire and a Gryphon. It has been edited and consolidated as part of the Divide-and-Conquer endeavor. It tells only the story of Fire Incarnate and her desire to claim the dreamwalking bear shifter known as Scar. The rest of the tale is located in Gryphon Knight. This is one of the Draoithe Saga Exclusive stories that can be found only on the Payhip website.

Just for the Blog readers!

14th Annual Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale! July 1 - July 31, 2022

50% off all of Ophelia Kee's paranormal romance and urban fantasy titles and lots of freebies!

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes

More Truths about Ophelia Kee.

The real-life version of me taught social studies to high school students for 15 years before I began teaching reading to young adults. (It’s 2022 as I pen this.) Don’t get me started on the real-life stories I could write about some of that. Maybe someday.

I mean I’ve done it so long by the time I started writing that I’d even trained others how to teach. I taught ninth through twelfth grades, histories, geography, economics, government, etc.. ad nauseum. I have taught public, private, charter, homeschool, and even JobCorps. I have taught in three states. 

I got bored, so I pursued certificates to be able to teach special-ed, gifted and talented, English language learners, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, Dual Credit Facilitation, and even online credit recovery. I co-wrote the history course curriculum to bring IB World School to my high school campus. (Hands down the most cerebral endeavor I was ever involved in.) Still bored…

The resume on that side of things might see some people in an early grave if they were forced to listen to it read aloud. So let’s skip it and get back to the good stuff like steamy paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and magical realism.

2016 Calendars

In 2016, I was sitting in the back of a training meeting. I’d been using the program that the training focused on for many years. I knew it inside and out. It was the fifth time I’d done a training very similar to it on the same subject in as many years. (Tax dollars put to good use.)

Cell phones and reading a good book would have been preferable, but also rude. Laptops were on the menu. I answered questions and acted as if I cared about that boring meeting. I continued my day job.

I continued my day job instead of walking out and being fired from boredom-induced insanity. How did I manage it? I had an epiphany. I thought I could write a story even if I couldn’t read one.

(Imagine the audacity of me?!) The Draoithe Saga began.

I gotta get some other stuff done. When you read, remember to please be kind and leave your review.

Be Careful!

Happy reading,

Ophelia Kee

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