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Face Lift for A Pack Forms

Face Lift for A Pack Forms

A Pack Forms Book Cover

Dear Reader,

Welcome behind-the-scenes of the dream...

I did it. I finally got the new cover, and I'm ecstatic! Since we're doing confessions, please allow me to admit my undying gratitude to Markee Books. Should y'all need a book cover, I highly recommend Markee Books. This is so outstanding, I've already ordered the next one.

It took me all day Friday to get everything put up everywhere. It's a lot of work to publish wide. I'm still waiting to see if everything went well. I don't expect any issues with the ebook, but paperbacks and hard copies are tricky.

This is the cleanest, most professional version of this book to date. If you've been following me for a while, you know about my cover issues. I appreciate y'all for hanging in there while I figured out how to deliver the story in the best package. I'm working on upping my game in a lot of areas.

Of course, I couldn't re-cover the book without upgrading the book description. I confess I'm horrible at writing sales copy. So I bought an AI program to help me. It's not great either, but it get's the ball rolling. Laugh, but I want my book descriptions to read as if the deep-voiced movie theater announcer was speaking in someone's mind.

Draft2Digital mockup


A Pack Forms: Kingdom Rising Volume 1 A Draoithe Saga Tale

With nothing except disability discharge papers in hand, Luke limped away from the military to reinvent himself. After months of searching for a place to start anew, he finally ended up in Texas with a newfound determination to rise again. 

The gorgeous school teacher neighbor he began secretly watching was an enigma, a mystery that demanded to be solved. With every passing day, his desire to possess her grew deeper until she became the most important thing in his life, and obtaining her became his obsession. 

Determined to win her heart, they embarked on a grand romance, but he never suspected a shadowy evil watched him with malevolent eyes. With a suddenness that wrecked his world, a diabolical force of darkness attacked not him, but her, unleashing the warrior within.  

Using powerful magic, Luke transformed into an immortal direwolf. His fangs dripped saliva of a primal rage to taste his enemy. He was a lethal beast, with one mission: to protect and defend the woman he held dear, no matter the cost. His love needed him, and he would stop at nothing to defeat the evil and build his pack. 

Welcome to the dream…  

Steamy Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy 18+ HEA! NC! Fated Mates

***Warning: Adult Themes, Fantasy Violence, and/or Explicit Sexual Situations. Intended for a Mature Audience.


A Pack Forms

Did you hear it? I hope so. If not, maybe you're too young to know about the theater announcer, the late great Donald Leroy LaFontaine. But he was the voice behind over 5,000 movie trailers. He was legendary. It sounds crazy, but I'm learning bookselling one baby step at a time. I think I may finally have the packaging right. Let's see if all the research pays off. Every piece of advice on the internet starts with writing a brilliant book. Edit that book. Format that book. Buy the best cover you can afford and write a book description like it was a commercial selling your book.

This was the first book I ever published. For the first time, it finally looks like the professionally crafted entertainment package, which it has always been. The sales report will tell the truth about whether I have finally pulled it off. Not yet though. I need to get the rest done before I use paid advertising. Advertising, before I have the first three books ready to go, is a waste of money to most. Cross your fingers for me.

Ophelia Kee

Shameless Self Promotion

A Pack Forms is $4.99 everywhere, but you know I couldn't resist putting it on sale for its re-release. If you buy it direct.

I'm checking out Blurb as a print-on-demand distributor. You'll be able to buy them through Draft 2 Digital and Amazon, but I wanted an alternative so I could sell them at for less. I've ordered a copy from Blurb to compare the print quality. If it looks good, I may order the books from them to sell on Payhip. Look for physical copies to arrive at soon.

Human narrated audiobooks are still far out of my budget. AI or author reading are still my only options, but I mess up too much, so it's looking like AI audio wins. If A Pack Forms ever launches as an audiobook, that will be the format.

5 ways to help and author poster

I know this was short, but I have to run away. Sinclair Gautier is calling me, and Grim Dark wishes to be completed. I promise a sneak peek is coming concerning that tale soon! Keep checking your email for future updates and deals from the dream. Have a great weekend, and let everyone know about the re-release. When you read, don't forget to leave your kind reviews.

Be Careful!

Happy reading,

Ophelia Kee

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Thank you for your support! Welcome to the dream… Sincerely, -OK

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