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8-8-2021 Beauty in Indie Publishing

Beauty in Indie Publishing

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Ophelia Kee author portrait

No Lies! The Truth behind the Tiger

When I started writing this blog, I promised that I would never lie about my author's walk. So I have not.

My real name is something anyone could deduce. But I chose to use a pen name to protect my professional self, my students, former, present, and future, as well as my family and myself. I intend to continue to use it. There are valid reasons for that.

*The saga isn't finished. I'm not sure if it ever will be as I continue working on it. New stories continue to manifest themselves. Readers continue asking questions that require whole stories to be written as the answer. It's a living thing.

*I currently have well over 300 titles published in that name and many readers know me and my writing style by that name, along with my brand and my logo. Not a good reason to switch pen names.

*My pen name has meaning behind it. Ophelia was once the name of a peepshow place in a seedy part of town near my grandparents' homes. And well the books aren't rated PG. Kee was my great-grandmother's last name. She was an amazing woman who believed that I deserved whatever I worked hard for. So I have immortalized those who supported me when I was young even if they had no idea that at 40, I would desperately need an escape from my day job that I can't afford to leave behind.

*They say that the truth shall set you free. So for me, I'm refusing to buy lies and am airing all the truth about the work I've been doing. My Author's Walk has been crazy and fun. The experience has been amazing. If I had a time machine, I still wouldn't change a thing!

*Do I know it all? Nope. Probably never will. Still not a good reason to change my pen name.

*Do I ever make any money? Still Nope. Also, probably never will. (But I do dream and being Ophelia Kee doesn't alter the size of my bank account one iota.)

*Will I stop writing and publishing? No way. I shall continue because it's way too much fun.

*Why do it if you don't get rich? I love to write. I need that creative outlet. Some people enjoy reading my stories and have requested that I continue. So I will for them and me. If others find the dream, perhaps they will choose to join the stone circle and escape for a while.

*I'm lucky to live in a time when people all over the world have an opportunity to seek out and enjoy literature in the genre that they prefer to read. For those who like reading steamy PNR/Urban fantasy, I hope you'll consider choosing one of my stories to escape with if the style suits you. (Check out the free stuff and see if you like it first.)

*Do I think my stories will change the world? NO! I write them to entertain and allow the mind to escape. If all they ever do is aid a few in leaving the stress behind and enjoying a fantasy, then they served well.

For the Love of Readers

I write long and publish short before collecting the scenes into novels. It's not always easy when writing a saga to know where one story ends and another begins as the scenes are all interconnected. Then I was asked where should one start?

The answer is simple. Read the Prequel and the Prologue, then start with Volume One. Read A Pack Forms first then I would suggest that you read the first 5 volumes in order. After that, well they're numbered, but you could theoretically read them in any order. The last book would be at the end. So long as you can handle skipping forward and backward in time, the order after book 5 is up to the reader.

I wrote Tantalu as a prequel story. Synner and Sainte is a Forbye. Dread Allies, Lyons Gate, Eyrie Iolair, Kings Wild, and Apocalypse Averted are all spinoff miniseries that connect and elaborate on the main saga while often connecting with the other miniseries as well. Some are short reads that answered questions readers posed. Others are novel-length episodic tales. Some of the shorts are FREE, the others are $.99 most of the long works are about$3.49 with a few being only $2.99. readers usually get a discounted reading rate as they see the book in parts. Those who purchase directly from me usually get that same discount along with extra freebies, and some exclusive stories that you can't find anywhere else.

Titles by Ophelia Kee Suggested Read order

Draoithe: Tantalu *Prequel

Draoithe: The Thread *Prologue Volume 1

Draoithe: A Pack Forms Volume 1

Draoithe: Arctic Fox *Prologue Volume 2

Draoithe: The Council Volume 2

Draoithe: Magic Calls to Magic Volume 3

Draoithe: Dragons Come Volume 4

Draoithe: The Ruiri Complete Volume 5

Draoithe: Light and Dark Magic Volume 6

Draoithe: The Dark Gift Volume 7

Draoithe: Elementals Volume 8

Draoithe: Fire and a Gryphon Volume 9

Draoithe: Synner And Sainte *Forbye

Draoithe: Weaver’s Tale Miniseries *Novela

Draoithe: Dream Therapy Volume 10

Draoithe: Still Waters *Short Read Duet

Draoithe: Filth and Death Volume 11

Draoithe: Smoke of the Fire *Short Read Trilogy

Dread Allies: Shadow King Miniseries *Spinoff 

Eyrie Iolair: Prodigal Sons Miniseries *Spinoff

Eyrie Iolair: Risky Rewards *Short Read Trilogy

Eyrie Iolair: Dragonesque *Sky Dreams Tangent

Eyrie Iolair: Sky Dreams Miniseries *Spinoff

Draoithe: Dragon Masters Volume 12

Draoithe: Precious Treasures Volume 13

Draoithe: War Dogs Volume 14

Draoithe: Wizards and Grotesques *Short Read Duet

Draoithe: Past in the Present Volume 15

Draoithe: The Library Volume 16

Draoithe: Drake and Lorelai *Excerpt Volume 17 

Draoithe: Midnight Magic Volume 17

Draoithe: No Negotiations Volume 18

Draoithe: Fairytale Shadows *Short Read Duet

Draoithe: Shadow Master Volume 19 

Lyons Gate: Nightmare Escape *Tangent

Lyons Gate: Elysian Fields *Tangent

Lyons Gate: Ghostly Kingdom *Spinoff

Lyons Gate: Druid Dragon *Tangent 

Apocalypse Averted: Devil’s Sins *Spinoff

Draoithe: Behind the Scenes of the Dream *Extra

Draoithe: A Conversation with Dragons *Tangent

I have to get back to work. Please help yourself to another slice of the dream. I am still publishing, but I had to slow down a bit to investigate serial publishing, craft hardcovers, and begin publishing wide. Look for the dream everywhere you buy books. As always, when you read, please be kind and leave a review. 

Be Careful!

Happy reading,

​Ophelia Kee