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1-17-2022 New Year, New Book Home!

New Year, New Book Home!

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With the middle of January and MLK Day upon us, changes had to be made. Most people evaluate their situation at the New Year and make their resolutions. Some of us vow to change our habits, diet, exercise routine, etc... I think it's a good time to get a fresh start on things. I have made my New Years Resolutions and some of mine came with a lot of soul-searching.

One place I had to evaluate was the financial aspect of my life. (In the USA) Tax season will be upon us soon enough, so financial evaluation is coming whether we want it or not. Taking a long hard look at the Draoithe Saga, my dismal marketing efforts, and my seriously lessened resources, I'm making some changes. It's time to trim the fat and tighten the belt as my family always said during lean times (which were all the times, but I digress.)

I must part ways with my website. It was way too expensive. I am not a code writer and managing the site was becoming so time-consuming that it was infringing upon my writing. I needed something that I could deal with on a part-time basis.

Enter Payhip! It was perfect. And the timing coincided with the addition of Payhip to my universal book links from Books 2 Read!

I can keep my domain name without the worries of hackers. I keep my blog. I keep my books, all my digital downloads, and my storefront. (Still working on integrating the merch aspect, but I'll get there.) I have integrated Mailerlite so my landing page is still in existence and I can continue to send out my random newsletters. Best of all? Payhip doesn't charge me upfront fees.

(I don't get paid by anyone from Payhip. I'm not a spokesperson, nor am I advocating that other authors follow my lead. I'm just letting my readers know what I'm doing and why. I'm keeping my promise, to be honest about my author's walk. If other authors read and consider my words in their own New Year's resolutions or business plans, I can only hope that they'll do their research and choose wisely.)

Pricing Structure

Money Dollars

My pricing structure, in the beginning, was mostly based on word counts and what other similar e-books sold for. I haven't altered that much. Prices have gone up everywhere, for nearly everything. Even books. I have had to reconsider my prices as well. They are still based on word counts with a free prologue and a 99 cent First-in-Series with a reduced price Second-in-Series just to help people choose to read an author they don't know. I've even made some more of the books free. (Amazon lags on that, but I can't fix them. I battle constantly to keep The Thread FREE there. That's another story.)

I'm keeping A Pack Forms at $.99 and The Council will remain at $2.99. The full-length novels will go to $4.99 and the short reads will all go to $2.99. I'm slowly introducing boxed sets (Check out Dread Allies) and will be offering buy-one-get-one-half-off, and exclusive reads on Payhip soon! Also, I'll be posting Dream Exclusives which includes research videos, sneak peeks at upcoming new releases, character biographies, explanations for magics within the dream, and lots more behind-the-scenes stuff. (Have you subscribed yet?)

Marketing and PromotionsAd card for the Draoithe Saga

I never stop marketing. My social media rolls a new promo card every day. It's often a short video that I crafted first on Tiktok and then sent around the social media world to make the rounds. I even upload them to Youtube so I can get more exposure there.

I have read it all. "Don't just post book links!" "Don't overpost the sales pitch." "You need to build a relationship with followers!"

The last one is true. But the truth is that you need to overpost the sales pitch and drop book links everywhere, ALL THE TIME if you want to give anyone who has never heard of you, a chance to discover your book. This is called advertising.

I get it. It feels like carnival barking, and it is. But don't think that one post on your Facebook page will sell your book. It will guilt your friends into buying a few copies, but that won't build a dream. The sad truth is that while I self promote constantly with a large backlist, I still need to spend money on advertisements if I want to sell books.

If you have found the dream, Welcome. It was likely due to an ad card I crafted and promoted somewhere. For this reason, I shall craft more cards and continue to share the dream. One day I will truly understand how to market my books so more people have a chance to discover the dream too. For now, I have to keep going slow and pushing forward in a part-time fashion. No matter the case for me, for all the loyal readers, I haven't given up nor will I. Thank you for your support.

Author Support

Author Support

If you come across my ad cards, videos, or posts on the internet, and you would like to aid me in spreading the word about the dream, I could use the help. Please don't hesitate to share a link, repost a post, retweet a tweet, etc... Reviews are gold no author can buy and matter so incredibly much. When you read, please be kind and leave a short honest review. If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, authors love to hear from readers. I welcome random emails, direct messages, or post comments about my books. I love to be bothered about the stories and my writing. It often leads to inspiration, so reach out.

Feels like enough of a weekly update. I gotta get that laundry done so I can head back to work tomorrow. I hope you had a great three-day weekend and a Happy MLK Day. Looking forward to the possibilities in 2022!

Be Careful!

Happy Reading,

Ophelia Kee