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Eyrie Iolair the Complete Miniseries Boxed Set

Eyrie Iolair Prodigal Sons a Draoithe Saga Spin Off Miniseries Tale

Montane MacGuire was a typical college student chasing his master’s degree in 2016 until he met Rory Highwell at the beginning of the spring semester. The eagle man was convinced Monty was the foretold leader of the kings of a fabled kingdom from atop a mountain and he had the evidence to back up his claims.

When Monty had an accident while on a mission trip to Guatemala, the truth of who he was and how he lived most of his adult life came to light. If he helped his friends and took his rightful place as the Lord of the Skies, his life had to change drastically.

Struggling to understand the prophecy surrounding him, protect his sister, save his friends, and claim his mate led him on a series of adventures that almost put him at odds with a far more powerful magic force affecting the dream until his life axiom of ‘Don’t Tell Mom’ finally saved the day.

Sky Dreams an Eyrie Iolair Tale

The light dragons of the Eyrie waited for centuries for the Tiarna na Speartha. When they finally swear fealty to the Lord of the Skies, part of the prophecy about dragons finding their lifemates began coming true. 

Light dragons might be resurrected, powerful shifter knights, but unlike most dragons, they need to claim slaves to train to become their Valkyries. Slavery, except for criminals, has never been legal in the Eyrie, presenting a bit of an issue.

Young untried kings, a host of people needing haven, and a nagual thunderbird, who declared the law stopped at the bedroom door, flipped the light dragons' worldview on end. Even some of the Tiarna got caught up in the whirlwind of magic, raising the Lord of Skies as the overlord of Eyrie Iolair brought. Find out how Eyrie Iolair came back from the brink of extinction in the Sky Dreams tales.

Risky Rewards an Eyrie Iolair Tale

Risk Luisne wasn't your ordinary Light Dragon from the Eyrie. He was a born Druid king before he was resurrected by the auraphants to serve their outpost kingdom in the Leaindeail. He wields both light and dark magic, making his need for finely balanced magic a serious issue.

Forced to walk away from his home along with the rest of the last surviving Eagle men and light dragons caused Risk to nearly lose hope of ever obtaining the one thing he truly needed to become balanced.

One perfect slave girl was all he needed. One Demon Lord of Lust owed him a long-overdue debt. A chance opportunity to request payment led Risk on a journey that had him breaking all the rules, including ‘Don’t Tell Mom’.

Dragonesque an Eyrie Iolair Tale 

Dustin Luisne was the Lord of Dragons for Eyrie Iolair. When his newfound king made provision for him to claim his mate, he had no idea she'd appear before him after a raid on one of Peter Elliot’s operations.

When she almost died, he lost his mind and threatened anyone he saw to save her. As the Eyrie was reopened and the Lord of the Skies called men to serve him in the towers atop the mountain, Dustin juggled his responsibility to his king and his desperate need to avenge his lifemate.

Winning a woman who held ghost magic required patience and serious proof he'd always be her champion, but if he could pull it off, he'd win the chance to be the most powerful dragon in the sky. Did he have what it took to be Dragonesque?

Steamy Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy 18+ HEA! NC! Fated Mates 

All Part of the Draoithe Saga of Tales

***Warning: Adult Themes, Fantasy Violence, and/or Explicit Sexual Situations. Intended for a Mature Audience.

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